This year’s theme, “Resistance and Resilience: La Lucha Sigue,” seeks to recognize California’s BIPOC school board leaders that have found the best ways of overcoming adversity and pivoting quickly and resiliently in the face of unprecedented challenges.


Join us for three half days of insights and networking with California’s top champions of equity ethnicity studies, and PK-12 education. 


At CLSBA’s  Annual Unity  Conference, we’ll bring together school board members from across the state  for a candid discussion about what  education leaders and elected officials are doing to remain resilient and thrive in this challenging environment.

DAY 1 - Thursday

Keynote: Unlocking the Power of Learning Through Filmmaking 

Edward James Olmos

Actor, Producer, Director & Founder of the Youth Cinema Project

Panel Discussion: Building Resilient Leaders and Students

Veteran and newly appointed school board members will share strategies and approaches to help any school leader empower their districts, families and governance teams to advance educational equity for BIPOC and Latinx students.

DAY 2 - Friday

Keynote: Surviving to Thriving as a School Board Leader 

Panel Discussion: Achieving Educational Justice: Approaches and Solutions

Are you interested in a deeper understanding of issues affecting BIPOC and Latinx students? If you answered yes, then we hope you'll join us for an in-depth conversation for school board leaders that will help you strengthen your capacity and abilities to ensure all feel respected, engaged, and welcomed in your district.

DAY 3 - Saturday
La Lucha Sigue

Keynote: Uplifting Communities through Civic Engagement

Panel Discussion: California’s Commitment to Equity

How can we create equity driven solutions with cross-governmental collaboration? Join us for a dialogue as we tackle questions on how school board leaders can collaborate with city, county, and state officials to create new realities for all of our constituents.