2023 Unity Conference

How close is your district to where equity lives?

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Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle

Key Objectives:

  • Understanding key inequity traps
  • Reviewing researched-backed practices
  • Creating systems for all students to succeed

Achieving Equitable Arts Education

What can LEAs do to fulfill the promise of Prop28?

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Jesus Holguin
Governing Board Member
Moreno Valley Unified School District

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Abe Flores
Deputy Director of Policy Programs
Create CA

Key Objectives:

  • Build an arts planning team
  • Review the CA Arts Ed Framework
  • Assess current arts education programs and review baseline data
  • Generate a strategic plan
  • Keep equity in mind and invest in low-hanging fruit

We do this Juntos! [Together!]

How to start, build, and expand a quality two-way Spanish Dual language program.

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Dr. Michael Gallagher

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Dr. Christana Ballantyne
Director, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

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Isabel Jubes-Flamerich
Board President