2021-2022 Elections

Board of Directors Election Results

The CLSBA Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to share with you the 2021-2022 CLSBA Board of Directors election results. The CLSBA Board expresses its sincere gratitude to those who ran as candidates.

The incoming 2022 Board Members-at-Large include incumbents Lorena Chavez, Adam Escoto, Dr. Olga Rios, and Ana Vasudeo.  

Thanks to everyone who voted in the election and for your participation in this important democratic process. Participation in elections, as candidates and voters, is critical to ensuring that we stay true to our mission and hear all members’ voices.

Ana Vasudeo

Ana Vasudeo
Trustee, Berkeley Unified School District

Candidate Statement:
Ana Vasudeo serves on the CLSBA Board of Directors and is seeking re-election. As a current CLSBA Board member, Ana has fundraised for the organization and supported other Latinx School Board Directors across the state to be successful in office. Ana currently serves as the only Latinx school board director for Berkeley Unified School District and believes deeply in the power of public education. As an English-language learner who benefitted from supportive and diverse public schools, Ana knows first-hand how important community and school partnerships are in closing our opportunity gaps. Ana authored a Latinx Resolution to ensure that the Berkeley Unified School District prioritizes Latinx student achievement and opportunity as a core commitment and sets annual goals of PK-12 indicators to improve academic outcomes for Latinx students. Ana holds a Master of Regional Planning Degree from Cornell University and works in public health to support school districts throughout the state with COVID-19 testing programs so that California’s schools are safe.  Ana also serves as Delegate for AD-15 to the California Democratic Party and is active in various Latinx Democratic Clubs throughout the Bay Area. She would be honored to have your vote for the CLSBA Board of Directors. 

Adam Escoto

Adam Escoto
Trustee, Morgan Hill Unified School District

Candidate Statement:
My name is Adam Escoto. I am a School Board Trustee of the Morgan Hill Unified School District in Santa Clara County. I am currently on the CLSBA Board of Directors completing a one-year appointment.

I ask for your vote to continue to serve on the Board during these most challenging times.

I have been engaged in public service my adult life as a mental health professional and as a K-12 educator. I began my career in public education as a high school counselor followed by multiple leadership assignments at all of the site levels and at the district office. I retired as an Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.I have been a coach/mentor to new school site administrators in several school districts. My work focused on providing my mentees a solid foundation for Best Practices and acquiring the "Lens" to better connect the dots regarding the circumstances  of their stakeholders in their respective school communities.

I believe my personal and professional experience  has served me well to continue to be productive and contributory CLSBA Board Member .Once again, I ask for your vote!


Dr. Olga Rios
Trustee, ABC Unified School District

Candidate Statement:
My name is Dr. Olga Rios and I would be honored to continue to serve as a Board of Director for CLSBA with your support. As an elementary principal for Bellflower Unified School District and a five year board member on the ABC Unified School Board, I have seen first hand the amazing resiliency and specific needs of our students during these challenging times. In my role as board member, I have proudly championed issues of equity, tackled the achievement gap, and advocated for students at promise. I served as board President when our district began the quest to attain true equity by adopting an Equity Policy and hiring an Equity Officer and when we had to begin navigating this pandemic.

During this past year, my role as an elected official was elevated when I joined the CLSBA familia. Together, we have put together webinars on critical issues as well as our Unity Summit. Although CLSBA is a diverse group of talented professionals, we are all united in our sincere commitment to ensuring Latino/a/x students have the best educational opportunities and resources available to succeed. With your vote, I will continue to do this important work.


Lorena Chavez

Candidate Statement:

Lorena Chavez is currently on the CLSBA Board of Directors completing a one-year appointment. She attended UC Davis and received two BA’s, International Relations and Sociology. She also received her master’s degree in Education. In addition, she has received her teaching credential and administrative credential.

Lorena has been an educator for over a decade. She recognizes, from first-hand experience, that all students deserve to access the same great opportunities as their more privileged peers. As a mother raising two children in the San Jose community, Lorena is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that all students have access to a world-class education.

Lorena is one of the founders of the Digital Equity Coalition and has worked with local government to bridge the digital divide in San Jose and Santa Clara County. That advocacy turned into an investment of over $10 million for digital access. Simultaneously, Lorena and her district have worked collaboratively with the city of San Jose to have permanent wifi infrastructure that will provide fast, free, public internet access to over 300,000 people in the most under-resourced neighborhoods. Lorena would be honored to have your vote to continue serving as a CLSBA Board of Directors.